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Honoring the Sacred Feminine

That life is a straight line of progress and achievement is an illusion. Recognizing the feminine means honoring the emotional and energetic cycles in our lives, paying attention to dreams, and listening to our intuition. In this class we will look to the moon as a guide as she helps us to remember our true nature as multi-faceted beings who are impacted by, and are a part of, the phases of the natural world. We will consider how this cyclical energy can be used in a yoga practice, and also invite the opportunity to work with goddess energy. The class will include: discussion, a gentle asana practice (honoring the feminine means listening to your body and practicing at the level that feels right for you), a guided meditation, and breath-work. Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow movement, you may also want to bring a journal.

Sunday, March 17th 2-4 pm with Julie Miller


Julie Miller is a yoga teacher at WLY as well as an initiated priestess of the Divine Feminine and Reiki Master.