All Levels: Appropriate for all levels, including beginners. Postures and instructions are adapted to meet the needs of the individual students in each class.

All Levels/ Pranayama Focused: Breath is a powerful internal and external force, both consciously and unconsciously manipulated by our systems and our own awareness. It is the bridge between our minds and bodies, the map to our intentions, desires, and state of being. In Sanskrit, the word pranayama is broken down into two parts. Prana, meaning life force or energy and Ayama; to extend. Join us in this pranayama focused all levels class designed with your breath, intentions, and energy baselines as the first building blocks of each practice. We will use the breath to expand, understand, and connect to the resiliency of our bodies, and minds, and hearts We will amplify the potency of simple movements on physical and energetic levels by using varied breathing techniques and modifications, working towards a balance in energetic states, both physical and emotional. 

Yoga Over 50: An active but slower paced class for individuals over 50 who wish to increase flexibility, strength, and balance. Appropriate for beginners and experienced students.

Gentle Yoga: A knee friendly practice, begins seated in a chair and works up to standing and down to the floor in a sequence of movements and postures that are designed to increase strength, balance, and range of motion. This class is appropriate for anyone wanting to practice at a slower pace, or for those students who are recovering from injuries. Props will be integrated as tools to help us create a safe, supportive exploration of what our bodies need right now.

Yoga for Core Strength: In this class we find a balance of strength and stability by connecting to the core from the inside out. We work with the deep muscles first before moving toward the surface. Core work provides the opportunity to relate to ourselves in a foundational way, finding a balance of effort and release.

Strength and Balance: This class focuses on building flexibility, strength, balance, and core stability. We will be working with stronger postures and flows to bring vigor and energy.

Yoga for Relaxation: A gentle class designed to enhance physical, mental, and energetic relaxation. Class may include a combination of asana, breathwork, guided relaxation, and meditation. A beautiful practice for soothing the whole system!

Yoga for Round Bodies: Yoga isn't just for gymnasts, dancers, and the young. It's a powerful system of health and transformation that can serve all ages, body types and fitness levels. This gentle class is designed to let you tap into the strength and resilience of your body as it is right now. This series will introduce you to the power and vitality that is already a part of you. Through breath and movement we will explore the great support and power our body, mind and spirit offer us. Experience the stress relief and healing power of yoga while celebrating the wonderful gifts and strength of your own unique body.

Yoga to Manage Chronic Pain: This class is designed to help reduce stress and discomfort both physically and mentally. Catering to individual restrictions and needs, we will integrate ample postural adaptations, breath modifications, and the usage of props.  Utilizing gentle movements to promote the flow of energy throughout the body, balancing breath practices, and visualization meditations we will cultivate mindful awareness, muscle relaxation, and positive connection in the body!

Core Breath/ Bioenergetics: A class designed to enhance physical and energetic integration, clarity and vitality. Classes will combine elements of yoga and meditation with bioenergetic exercises. Bioenergetic exercises are designed to invite deeper understanding in the body’s energetic processes by getting in touch with where tension, energy, and emotion are held in the body and then releasing contraction through intentional breath and movement. The exercises are simple in posture, but can produce radiant vibrations that tune in to the complexity and simplicity of what one needs at their core. The exercises can open contact with sincere reflection, inner integrity and radical aliveness.

Family Yoga: Come explore the joy of yoga with your child! In this class children ages 3-6 will be introduced to yoga and mindfulness though stories and songs. We will read yoga related children's books, move to music and do yoga obstacle courses. The children will be exploring several different yoga postures each day (including partner poses). Caregivers will be doing simple yoga poses alongside their child and helping their child into yoga postures. Dress to move!

Yoga for Kids: In this class will come together in a positive, non-judgmental environment and focus on building self-confidence, strength, concentration and discovering the warrior within. Students are encouraged to express themselves while learning the basic yoga principles of respect to self and others. We will engage in mindfulness activities, relaxation, and meditation techniques in a non-competitive, playful, nurturing environment.

Chanting for Inner Balance: Chant is an ancient tool used to calm the mind and attune the body to a more supportive and harmonious vibrational frequency. Persons of all faiths and beliefs are welcomed in celebrating nature's universal principles through community and song. No prior singing or chant experience is required. Donations appreciated!

Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a method of guided relaxation that has a profound effect on the body, mind, and emotions. During the practice, you will lie in a comfortable position where you can remain awake and relaxed. You will be guided through various stages of deeper relaxation as you focus your attention inward. During Yoga Nidra, you will enter the state between wakefulness and dreaming - a state which we usually only experience as we nod off to sleep. The effect on the mind can be very powerful, because as the mind becomes more relaxed, it also becomes more receptive.

Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance: A unique, empowering movement practice that combines simple dance moves and yoga. Experience original choreography that blends flowing movement and dynamic stillness. Each Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance routine has a theme intended to evoke various expressions of our human experience. Some of these routines include: the Dance of the Warrior, Dance of the Chakras, Dance of Radiant Light and Dance of Release.

Meditation: Meditation is the perfect way to start your day, it centers us, calms the activity of the mind, sets the tone and intention for how we interact with the world and with ourselves. We will begin with 10 minutes of seated meditation, then enjoy 10 minutes of walking meditation, and end with 10 minutes of sitting meditation. No experience necessary, all are welcome, donations appreciated!