About Whole Life

Located in Seattle Washington, Whole Life Yoga is a community-focused yoga studio. Our goal is to make yoga available and accessible to all people who could benefit from it, not just those with a high level of fitness or flexibility. We focus on yoga as a way to serve an individual's unique physical condition and lifestyle, not as a means of achieving the "perfect" body or posture. At Whole Life Yoga, you'll find a place to unwind, an opportunity to develop your mind and body, connect to your heart and a community of support for healing and growth.

The style of yoga taught at Whole Life is, Viniyoga. The viniyoga approach to yoga is highly adaptable, meditative, and coordinates movement with the breath. This approach is uniquely healing and can be used by people of all levels and physical abilities, including those with limited mobility.


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Drop-in Schedule
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Monday 9:30am - All Levels
12:00pm - Yoga Over 50
6:00pm - All Levels
7:30pm - Yoga for Relaxation

4:30pm - All Levels
7:30pm - All Levels

Wednesday 9:30am - All Levels
12:00pm - Yoga Over 50
6:00pm - All Levels

9:30am - All Levels
4:30pm - All Levels                                                            

9:30am - All Levels
12:00pm - Yoga Over 50
6:00pm - Yoga for Relaxation

Saturday                                                                                 9 am- Core Focused                                                   10:45am - All Levels                                                  

9:00am - Strength and Balance
10:45am - All Levels