yoga for turbulent times

"May you live in interesting times." Ancient Chinese curse.

Few times have been more "interesting" than the past decade. More information than we can digest is continually at our fingertips. Communication devices follow us everywhere. The daily news cycle is, well, interesting. But even as we've become more technologically connected, our world seems more isolated and divided than ever.

Yoga can make a difference! Inherent in the word "yoga" is the intention of building links. Connecting our body, breath and mind. Aligning daily actions with our core values. Creating intention from deep in our heart. Building community in our world.

This series will include the full range of yoga practices—postures, breath work, meditation, philosophy and ritual—to help cultivate inner peace in spite of what happens in the world around us, while also promoting harmony in our community. Class is appropriate for all physical abilities, philosophical belief systems and political affiliations. Join us, and find connection and balance in turbulent times!

Dates Classes Day Time Instructor Cost
5/10 - 5/31 4 Thursday 7:30 - 8:45 pm Tracy $65  

For additional information or to register, contact Tracy at Whole Life Yoga: phone 206-784-2882, e-mail