private yoga therapy with tracy

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Yoga therapy is a client-focused approach to managing and improving health used extensively in the East. In some cases, such as chronic back pain, yoga is a proven tool that often brings complete relief of symptoms. In others, such as chronic diseases and mental illness, yoga therapists work in concert with other health care providers to help reduce symptoms and accelerate healing. In all cases, yoga therapy can help you live more fully regardless of your condition. Yoga therapists focus on the whole person, not just their physical condition, and can offer specific tools and individualized support in a one-on-one setting not common in allopathic health care. Specific issues appropriate for yoga therapy include:

Structural Issues

Chronic Diseases

Emotional Health Issues


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Tracy Weber is the owner and founder of Whole Life Yoga, and the director of Whole Life Yoga’s teacher training program. She originally came to yoga for relief from chronic back pain, and quickly discovered the balance and stress relief yoga provides. Tracy is a nationally certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She loves helping people use yoga to create balance, health, and joy in their lives.