meditation 101

anyone can meditate!

People often believe meditation requires sitting with a completely silent mind. This false belief sets them up for failure, since forcing the mind to be silent is difficult, if not impossible. In fact, meditation is simply learning to redirect the mind from a scattered focus to a directed one. And anyone can do it! This class is designed for people new to meditation, as well as meditation “drop outs” who have tried meditation in the past and felt unsuccessful. Each class will include two 10-minute meditation practices, discussion, support, and lecture on meditation principles.

Class includes several meditation practices you can use at home, work, or anywhere else out in your world.

Dates Classes Day Time Instructor Cost
9/7 - 9/28 4 Sunday 7:30 - 9:00 pm Karen $60  

For additional information, contact Tracy at Whole Life Yoga: phone 206-784-2882, e-mail: