frequently asked questions and answers

How is yoga different than exercise?
Although physical health and flexibility are certainly a benefit of yoga, yoga encompasses much more than that. It is an overall system of health and mental well-being that includes movement, breathwork, meditation, and life philosophies. Yoga is ultimately about using these tools to prepare your body and mind for greater peace and clarity. The stress reduction and mental benefits of yoga in many ways exceed their known physical benefits.

What is Viniyoga?
As described in the April 23, 2001 edition of Time magazine:

" the most highly customized form of yoga. Viniyoga teachers cater stretching positions to individual student needs and abilities. Function is stressed over form, with an emphasis on integrating the flow of movement of the breath with the movement of the spine."
The viniyoga approach to yoga is highly adaptable, meditative, and coordinates movement with the breath. This approach is uniquely healing and can be used by people of all levels and physical abilities, including those with limited mobility.

Can I do yoga if I'm not very flexible?
Absolutely! At Whole Life Yoga, we specialize in adapting yoga to "real people" who would like to gain strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

What should I bring and wear?
We will provide yoga mats and blankets, so all you might need to bring is a bottle of water. Wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

I'm new to yoga - how do I start?
All of our classes except "Flow" and "Intermediate" are appropriate for beginners. A great way to learn the basics is to take our 6-week beginner series "Yoga 101", or our new 4-week beginner series "Yoga for Beginners".

Where are you located? Where can I park?
At 8551 Greenwood Ave N Suite 2, which is near the corner of N 87th St and Greenwood Ave N (directions & maps). There is limited parking in our garage which can be accessed via 87th St. Please park only in spots marked "Retail Only." There is also street parking on Greenwood and 87th Street.

How can I register or get more information?
You can register online at, or you can register or get more information by e-mailing or calling 206-784-2882.