overcoming depression with yoga

If you feel a bit blue and lacking in energy in the winter, you're not alone. Almost 15 million Americans suffer from significant depression annually, and it’s the leading cause of disability in individuals between the ages of 15 and 44. The long, dark winter nights of the Pacific Northwest and the stresses of the holidays can magnify the effect.

Yoga has many tools and practices that can significantly help, regardless of your age or fitness level. In this 6-week series, learn simple yoga techniques to increase energy, improve focus, and lift the feelings of sadness that can accompany the darker days of winter and the pressures of the holiday season.

Each class will include gentle movement practices good for beginners as well as experienced students. You will also receive several practices you can do at home.

Sun 6:00 - 7:15 pm Tracy 11/3 - 12/8 $90  Cancelled

About the Instructor: Tracy Weber is the founder of Whole Life Yoga and a certified yoga therapist through the American Viniyoga institute. She originally came to yoga for relief from chronic back pain, but she soon discovered yoga's power to restore mental as well as physical balance. She has used both the tools of Western Medicine and Yoga to overcome chronic anxiety and depression in her own life. She loves helping people use yoga to create balance, health, and joy in their lives.

For additional information or to register, contact Tracy at Whole Life Yoga: phone 206-784-2882, e-mail tracy@wholelifeyoga.com