Snacks & Blood Sugar Stabilization

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Nourishing snacks, in combination with breakfast, keep your blood sugar stable. Snacks also give you consistent energy throughout the day. If you know your mid-day slump is at 3:30pm every day, set a timer for 3pm and eat your snack at 3pm (or sooner). Experiment with eating a meal or snack EVERY 2-3 hours, especially if you have any blood sugar or mood related issues.

Blood sugar issues affect more than diabetics or people with hypoglycemia. Certain foods, and stimulants such as caffeine, go through your blood stream quicker. Caffeine can give you a huge rise (why so many people feel that they MUST have it in the morning). Caffeine also acts as an appetite suppressant which disrupts your blood sugar balance.

When blood sugars get too low, you may become cranky, easily frustrated, shaky, light headed, etc. Remember this: Don’t make any important decisions on an empty stomach! Why? Because your brain does not have the proper balancing fuel it needs when your blood sugar drops too low.

1. STABLE blood sugar. Starting the day with a nourishing breakfast and then having snacks and meals throughout the day. Drinking purified water and incorporating the Magic Trio Combination (see below) into meals and snacks.

stable blood sugar

2. UNSTABLE blood sugar. Starting the day without breakfast or beginning with coffee and a refined sweet or processed food or cereal will give you that initial BOOST of energy you are looking for and then DROP you down low. Once you realize it, you may go for the quickest energy source available, more caffeine and refined sugars/processed foods. You have highs and lows of energy throughout the day.

Unstable blood sugar

Once you are able to Upgrade the items you love, incorporate the Magic Trio Combinations (see below) and eat at more consistent times. You will notice a Natural Rise in your ENERGY. This is the energy you have sought through caffeinated drinks and refined foods. The Easier and QUICKER route to Sustained Energy and Stable Blood Sugar is through Nourishing Foods, Snacks and the Magic Trio Combinations.

The Magic Trio Combination is:

1. Fiber

2. Protein

3. Fat

When you combine Fiber, Protein, and Fat your food cravings stabilize. For example, notice what you crave after eating a piece of fruit. Then notice what you crave AFTER eating a piece of fruit with some nut butter, nuts/seeds or full fat yogurt or raw cheese. Then create your ritual accordingly. Yes, there is the old saying ‘fruit alone’. However, with blood sugar issues it’s important to slow down fruit (natural sugar) with fat and protein (i.e. nuts/seeds etc.). This will take the fruit from acting like a fast carb to behaving more like a slow carb (which is what you want).

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