Saying Goodbye

Sixteen months ago, I led a retreat at the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth, Washington. That wonderful weekend was the beginning of the journey that I started with twenty-nine other yogis. Ten days ago, I let a retreat at Jim Creek Recreation Area in Arlington, Washington. That weekend completed the journey.

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. You see, each of those yogis was a graduate of my two hundred-hour yoga teacher training program. Two of them started with me in my very first class in 2003. Three of them—the assistants—had already taken advanced teacher training with me before.  Ten of the participants either were or had been my employees. Even the “newbies” had studied with me for at least a year.

So I should have known them, right? And I did, individually. But somehow when we came together as a group, something wonderful happened. This collection of kind, caring, honest, and intelligent people formed a community. A group that held together through automobile crashes, health scares, surgeries, breakups, job losses, and raising teenagers. A group that bonded and trusted and leaned on each other for help.

We had a few arguments (but shockingly few, honestly), and we got off track hundreds of times. We even had to cut some material. But I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever taught a group that so truly got yoga at its essence. Connection.

To my newest graduates: Saying goodbye at the end of our final weekend together was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I told you that I needed another year to teach you everything you needed to know. That was a lie. In reality, you are already wiser than I will ever be. You already understand what’s most important. Then again, you always did. It was I who needed another year with you and your loving energy. I miss you already.

So today, in this blog, I sing to you the chant we sang at the beginning of each class—in English this time—and share it with my yoga friends reading this blog.

We have  come together as student and teacher to share this time of learning.
Let us have energy and awareness to fulfill this task.
Let us be protected, and nourished, and cherish our time together.
Om, peace, peace, peace.

I did, indeed, cherish our time together. I hope our paths continue to cross over and over and over again.


Tracy Weber

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16 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

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  2. Priscilla zimmerman

    I am forever grateful to you, Tracy, for your teachings and inspiration and the opportunty to be part of such a compassionate loving group of yogis.

  3. Shelley Curtis

    Thought I was done getting teary-eyed about this darn group. Wrong again. What an amazing journey it was! Thank you for bringing us together and leading us along such a life changing path. I feel truly blessed!

  4. Roxie

    In 2009, you had me at Sahana….

    We have come together as student and teacher to share this time of learning.
    Let us have energy and awareness to fulfill this task.
    Let us be protected and nourished,
    and cherish this time together.
    Om, Santi, Santi, Santi

  5. iYogaprops | Yoga Bolsters

    Wonderful story, Tracy, thanks for sharing. It is true that being in a group for a long time will reveal facets in people who you thought you already knew. It is good that you all got to enjoy such a connection with each other and you were given the opportunity to do so as well as learn at the same time. These cherished memories will last forever, you are all so lucky to be a part of this.


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