Ode to a Sunflower

Today I did what I seem to do best lately.  I procrastinated on writing my next novel by taking a silly Internet quiz titled “What Flower Are You?” Evidently, I am a sunflower. Here’s how the grand, all-knowing Internet describes me:


“You are the eternal optimist, always looking up. Nothing can shake your sweet, happy spirit. Friends enjoy your company because they find your joy contagious.”

Although I’m sure many people would argue with the results, the truth is, I do try to look at the positive in life. And the test reminded me of a blog article I meant to write about a recent dog walk with my husband.

My husband and I walked our dog Tasha to Green Lake about a week ago. Marc and I ambled along the same sidewalk. We were surrounded by the same items. Yet our experiences were significantly different. I took in brightly colored tulips, sweetly scented flowers, the warmth of the sun, and the joy in Tasha’s expression as she explored the fascinating new spring scents. In the same fifteen minutes, my husband noticed a used condom, a discarded, dangerous looking knife, and several piles of un-picked-up dog waste.

Honestly, these differences between Marc and I aren’t all that uncommon. I tend to notice the lighter side of life; he notices the darker. Who is right? The sutras would say neither of us; I say both. Seeing the bright side allows me to have more short-term pleasures in life. Seeing the dark allows Marc to avoid its inevitable sorrow. After all, I was the one who stepped solidly in the middle of the dog waste.

The goal in yoga is to see clearly. To be able to enjoy, without attachment, all of the bright, beautiful, luxurious parts of life while also being conscious of its perils. Together, Marc and I make a fabulous team. Separately, we are both blinded. Through the practice of yoga, I hope to maintain my sunny outlook, while improving my ability to see clearly.

A worthy goal for all of us.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your life, whatever your flower may be.  If you want to find out, here’s the URL to the quiz that I took.

Let me know what flower you are in a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to a Sunflower

  1. Frankie Marazzi

    I love this article Tracy – the contrast of what you and Marc experienced reminded me, once again, that everyone sees things differently and those different views help us see the world in all its different aspects. What flower is Marc? 🙂


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