A Yoga Picnic

This week’s blog entry is written by guest author Leo Dunbar. Leo is a graduate of Whole Life Yoga’s teacher training program  and the founder of YogaVan.      He  can be contacted at info@yogavan.com.

Have you ever been on a yoga picnic?  You pack a light meal, grab your yoga mat and blanket, then you head to a nearby Seattle park to practice yoga before enjoying a light lunch or dinner.  “…Yoga outside?  You’ve got to be kidding.  …Maybe a picnic – but not yoga.  And besides, it’s too cold for a picnic; summer is over, or haven’t you noticed.  What are you thinking?”   That’s the conversation that ran through my mind when I first thought of having a yoga picnic, but a yoga picnic is my way of saying good-bye to summer and hello, to fall.

I’m sad to have to say good-bye to the warm sunny days of summer, especially when there seemed to be so few of them this year, but some of our most beautiful days may still be ahead of us.  Call me an optimist, but Seattle has had some exquisite October and November weather in the past.

By the way, you can’t plan a yoga picnic in Seattle, due to our weather, so you just have to be ready to head out the door when you see that little spark of sunshine peak out from behind the cloud.  You know the cloud I’m talking about; it’s the one that seems to sit over us for the next eight months or so.  Sure it travels around a bit during the week days, but it always finds its way back here during our weekends off.

I know the temperatures are a little cooler, and the days are starting to get progressively and noticeably shorter.  Looking around me, I see that some of us seem as reluctant as I am to let the days of summer go.  Some people are still wearing shorts, but they’ve started to pull on their sweaters; socks are being worn with sandals; and soon, the hats we wore to keep the sun out of our eyes will be replaced by the hats that keep our heads warm.  All are signs that summer is over, but that doesn’t mean that all of our outdoor activities have to end.

Go on a yoga picnic.  Bring closure to your loss of Seattle’s summer sun, and give a warm welcome to the blazing new colors of fall.


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