A Personal Journey with Yoga

This week’s blog entry was written by guest author Matthew Peterson. Matt is a graduate of Whole Life Yoga’s teacher training program . He  can be contacted at petersonmatthew34@yahoo.com.

I remember very clearly one particular hot summer day when change crept into my life. I would say in retrospect, that is the day that Yoga found its way into my world.  I had just gone through a trying day at a job that my heart was really not in, and grid locked traffic seemed to add a particular spice to my emotions! Upon arriving at home I had this over-whelming and heavy feeling that something was missing. There was just no possible way this was the entirety of the purpose in my life. After some time of being frustrated and short tempered, my wonderful fiancé, naturally concerned, started dialoging with me about these emotions that I just could not seem to shake

She suggested that perhaps it would be beneficial for me to pursue some of my spiritual pursuits, rather than letting them stay cerebral. I have always had a fascination with other people’s faiths and philosophies, and I would always seem to have any number of half finished books on this subject. While reflecting on this I realized that I had read some about Yoga but for some reason the concepts seemed just out of reach, but more real and obtainable than other paths I had researched. Then the thought came to me; I need someone to show me these things, as it was becoming apparent that I was quickly becoming a victim of my own mind.

To edit a bit, I did some research and found Whole Life Yoga, after setting the meeting and having the opportunity to voice my questions and worries about committing to the upcoming teacher training. I left the meeting feeling like I could most likely accomplish the training and made the decision to go ahead and at least give it a shot. Today as I write this a year plus has passed by since I started this walk, and I am simply humbled and astounded at the subtle power Yoga has had in my life! I feel blessed with a truly awakening journey and labor of love. I believe deeply that Yoga has something to offer anyone who seeks that “something else” in this life.

Looking back now I can say that I have learned to trust myself more often, even if I am scared. I have developed a deeper compassion in life, for not only others but myself as well. I have shed tears over past pains, and witnessed gratitude take the place of anger. I saw those around me leap their own hurdles and come out stronger people. Just sharing in the happiness of others breakthroughs that were facilitated by these ancient teachings has made it all seem more real, and given rise to a certain strength inside of me. The magic in all of this is in the pure simplicity and gentle nurturing that is Yoga. It is has allowed me to be able to move forward with a new found confidence, one that is not rooted in pretending that I know this or that, but one that has its foundation built on being able to say, “I don’t know, but I am willing to learn!”  And I am starting to learn that some of the greatest of all journeys begin in this way.


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